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Tunnel Ventilation Attenuators

Metal Acoustic Products has been synonymous with tunnel ventilation attenuators for many years, its founder and current engineering manager has been involved in the acoustic industry for 40 years and has played a major role in the understanding and development of tunnel ventilation attenuators.

Prior to Metal Acoustic Products entering the field of tunnel ventilation, attenuators were delivered to the various sites as completely made up units complete with an outer case.

These fully fabricated attenuators were hard to transport and generally need costly escorts for delivery, massive cranes for offloading, large cumbersome equipment to manoeuvre them around the site and a large skilled team to do the final installation.

Metal Acoustic Products understand that site costs are generally where budget blowouts occur and design their attenuators to accommodate efficient transport packaging, minimum equipment and labour required for offloading, easy site storage and manoeuvrability and simple installation techniques.

Metal Acoustic Products revolutionised the industry supplying individual splitters to site to be quickly installed into prepared structural plenums. Splitters are economical to transport, require only minimum site equipment and labour and are easily installed without expensive crainage and special tools.

Metal Acoustic Products individually design splitters to suit the site application as well as meeting the required insertion and pressure loss specifications.

Our splitters have arrange of thicknesses; they are laboratory tested and able to meet most acoustic specifications without being modified. Splitters can be fabricated from galvanised or stainless steel, each splitter module includes inbuilt lifting points allowing easy slinging for installation and site manoeuvrability.

Metal acoustic products fabricated the attenuators for the Burnley and Domain tunnels in Melbourne, the splitters supplied had grooved wheels located in the base channel which located on fixed inverted angle on the floor of the ventilation portals, this allowed the splitters to be individually withdrawn into the chamber for cleaning and inspection.

The East/West attenuators for the Eastlink tunnels in Melbourne were located in silicon lined base channels which allowed the splitters to be easily withdraw for spot inspections and cleaning. Metal Acoustic Products supplied the stainless steel splitter attenuators for the inlet to the Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane, these splitters were lowered into concrete prepared shafts and were supported by 'I' beams which embedded themselves into a fabricated tail cavity in the splitter. The largest tunnel ventilation attenuators built by Metal Acoustic Products recently were for the Brisbane Airport Link. These attenuators were 44 metres wide, 4.5 metres high and 4.5 metres long fully fabricated from stainless steel.

The nose and tail had reverse channels embedded in them designed to accept vertical columns which were fixed to the floor and ceiling of the portals forming a pefinanent frame structure. All splitters are manufactured with the entire perforated sheet edges fixed behind solid material so that edge flutter cannot occur.

Because of our knowledge into the design and manufacture of large attenuators we are able to offer inlet and discharge attenuators for large industrial fans and well as jet and petrol engine test cells. Metal Acoustic Products has never had an attenuator fail in service either structurally or acoustically and with our detail to design and our pride in the product we manufacture, we offer a warranty on any attenuator we supply.

We look forward to offering you our unique service for your special project.


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