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Acoustic Enclosures

Metal Acoustic Products supply Acoustic Enclosures used to house machinery such as diesel generators, presses, pumps, stamping machines and any equipment that has an associated noise problem.

The enclosures can be made up utilising our modular panel system or be factory assembled using a structural frame.

Accessories including acoustically treated ventilation apertures, fans, windows, a/c units are also available.

The enclosures can be used as control rooms, factory offices and quiet rooms.

Wall construction of the enclosures comprises a solid steel outer skin and a perforated steel inner skin sandwiching an inert acoustic infill.

Wall thickness can be 25mm to 150mm depending on the noise transmission required. The surface finish, both inside and out, can be to the client's requirements where practical.


To discuss your requirements, please give us a call on 03 9689 0266.